Marina Tree and Garden Club

Calendar of Events


photo: Juli Hofmann


April 24, 2018

Spring General Meeting and Potluck

190 Seaside Circle at the Marina Library

"Big House Horticulture - Musings on a Crazy Career: How I Learned Horticulture and Other Stuff by Gardening with Prisoners" by John Kern.

Long-time central Coast California horticulturist John Kern will give us a talk on his career as a horticultural educators in the California State Prison system. John spent 25 years teaching horticulture to inmates in Soledad and Folsom State prisons as part of a vocational training and rehabilitation program. John describes his experience as a surprising career where he taught and learned lessons about life and humanity along with learning a lot about California horticulture and gardening. This talk will be an unusual deep dive into what is going on in our state prisons and how gardening and horticulture helped a lot of inmates move on with their lives.

Please bring a dish to share or non-alcoholic drinks. This is a zero-waste event and participants are invited to bring reusable dishware and utensils. Open to public.


April 28, 2018

Goodwill Garden Pick and Plant

Goodwill Garden on Imjun Blvd between 2nd and 3rd Avenue

All Goodwill Gardeners are encouraged to bring a PICNIC LUNCH and join the Marina Tree & Garden Club once a month at the garden. Each month will be different, with no set agenda. Let’s talk about the butterflies, bees, and pests with fellow gardeners. Let’s help each other repair covers, mulch beds, plant seeds, cut lettuce, pull carrots, pick tomatoes and have fun!