Marina Tree and Garden Club

Calendar of Events


October 15, 2017

Fall Seed and Bulb Exchange

At Everyone's Harvest Farmers Market
215 Reservation Road in Marina

Join us for the fall bi-ennial Seed and Bulb exchange where gardeners bring and share seeds, cuttings, bulbs and plant know how with other gardeners! If you are contributing plant matter (seeds, bulbs, cuttings), please label or mark clearly so that no one has to guess! Also, drop off materials to the booth before noon so that everything finds a home. It is not necessary to bring items to participate, but more fun. Free and open to the public.


October 19, 2017

Autumn General Meeting and Potluck

190 Seaside Circle at the Marina Library

The general meeting will discuss what to plant for the fall including california natives as ornamentals in the garden. Bring a dish or non-alcoholic dish to share. This is a waste free event and reusable place-settings are encouraged. Open to public.