Marina Tree and Garden Club


photo: Juli Hofmann


Pick 'n Plant

December 29, 2018

Imjin Blvd at the Goodwill Garden

All Goodwill Gardeners are encouraged to bring food to share and join the Marina Tree & Garden Club once a month at the garden. Each month will be different, with no set agenda. Let’s talk about the butterflies, bees, and pests with fellow gardeners. Let’s help each other repair covers, mulch beds, plant seeds, cut lettuce, pull carrots, turn compost and have fun!


Winter General Meeting and Potluck

Wednesday, January 23, 2019
6-8 pm

190 Seaside Circle at the Marina Library

Join us for the winter community potluck and general meeting. Guest speaker Jessica Bunn, Farmer/Florist from The Farm in Salinas will show us how to make small arrangements she calls nosegays or “field to table” flowers. We’ll learn how to use flowers from our backyard gardens when they’re in bloom. Some plant materials will be provided, but participants are encouraged to bring anything from the home gardens to share. Free and open to the public.

Details can be found on the Events Calendar


Results from the UC Santa Cruz Biodiversity in Urban Gardens Project Report Summer 2017
with Monika Egerer from the Environmental Studies Department in Santa Cruz. This report covers beneficial insects, pollination, pest control and water conservation, and ultimately food
access and well-being for gardeners!

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