HWY 1 Tree Planting
Earthday 2007
HWY 1 Tree Planting

Myoporum Thrips 2016

Get more information about this invasive pest that is affecting myoporum trees in California!

Marina Tree List

Need some guidance selecting a tree for your Marina backyard?
Visit this suggested list of trees that grow well in Marina with images and criteria for ranking.

Monterey County consulting arborists list

International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Learn about selecting, planting, caring for, pruning, and much more about trees for your street and yard.

The Shoreline Garden Project

Click here for information regarding the garden project and adopting beds.

The Marina Well Site

Find a comprehensive list of the plants that can be found at the Marina Coast Water Management District Wellsite native garden at Reservation and Salinas street!

Fog Catcher at the Shoreline Food Garden

CSUMB student Sarah Nolan installed a working fog catcher at the Shoreline Food Garden at Imjin Blvd in Marina May 14, 2014. You can view the fog catcher on site at Shoreline or visit the website capstone project on water sustainability and fog catchers.

Lose the Lawn and save money

Tour of Carmel Valley Manor grounds with Gordon Dill shows how lawn replacement does not need to be boring!

Tree Planting in Marina Campaign

Maps and listings of club tree planting sites throughout the city. Who knew there were so many?

Backyard Orchards (pdf)

University of California Davis "Selecting Fruit, Nut and Berries in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties" a proven list of edible tree and shrubs that grow well in Zone 17 (Hey! That's us!)

Our Water Our World

Not sure how to control pests without using polluting chemicals? Visit this site to find less toxic alternatives to control pests and explanations for use in the garden.

In The Garden

Straw Bale Gardening

Get results with this simple method

Native & Drought Tolerant Nurseries

Local nurseries list that specialize in native plants and unusual garden delights.
Local gardener resource list.

Bay Nature Article about UC Berkeley Professor Gordon Frankie with photos of native polinators

Las Pilitas Nursery List of native bee plants and great photos of native bees

The Melissa Garden Bee Sanctuary List of bee friendly plants present in this inspiring garden

UC Berkeley Native Bee Garden Brief history of the Urban Bee project at UC Berkeley

Western Horticulture Society Very good list of bee friendly natives and their flowering times

The Xerces Society plant lists for native bees in pdf format for California gardens

Plant more trees!